WATCH: Lights go out again at Dodger Stadium during Padres game

Another power outage interrupted the Padres-Dodgers game Saturday, marking the second time in the last two months the lights went out during a game in Los Angeles.It happened duringthe 12th inning as the stadium was left in the dark for about 20 minutes.The delay in the 12th inning of tonight’s game between the Dodgers and Padres at Dodger Stadium was caused by a disruption in the city’s power feed to the facility. The stadium lights came back on following a 20-minute delay. Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) August 26, 2018Take a look at the stadium going dark:Moment the power went out at Dodger Stadium #dodgers #whoforgottopaythebill Dave (@davelanzarin_) August 26, 2018The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power announced acircuit outage on the line supplying power to the stadium malfunctioned, according to the Los Angeles Times.When a momentary disruption in power to @Dodger Stadium occurs, an automatic switch restores power within seconds. Stadium lights and internal stadium equipment take time to reset. LED lights remaining on indicate a momentary outage occurred. LADWP (@LADWP) August 26, 2018The last time there was a power shortageat the stadium was July 30 after the primary power supply went out.The Dodgers went on to defeat the Padres 5-4 once the lights starting working again.

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