Lettres & messages #66

Thomas Svolos : We are moving in the United States

  • our finest Study Days yet last month in New York, with superb working of the cases and a major public lecture in an important contemporary art space
  • a successful invitation-only internet video-seminar in 2009 in preparation for the Study Days bringing Members and associates from across the country in contact with analysts from five schools of the WAP. In 2010, to be opened to the general public
  • a new introductory course via internet videoseminar to reach all the corners of the US for those wanting to know about Lacanian psychoanalysis planned for 2010
  • an email distribution list followed by over 400 people
  • Lacanian Compass with bigger and bigger issues
  • a blog to bring work on the semblant and sinthome from the WAP in English to all in the US who are interested:
  • more and more demands for analysis and analytic training, in our cities but also from people scattered across the country
  • a new presence on twitter to join in the conversation
  • speaking for my city: an introductory course on psychoanalysis at one hospital for several years; a monthly patient interview at another hospital; regular « Lacanian Workshop » gatherings to brainstorm theoretical, cultural, social issues; psychoanalysis a critical part in the teaching for psychiatry residents (internes) at the medical school; public events at a contemporary arts center reaching over 100 people, covered on the front page of the local paper

We are ready to move faster. Hypomania, you say–ok!

We are doing what we are doing one by one, as in so many ways we always, do but it is time for a semblant here in the US.